About Dizzy Rascals

About Dizzy Rascals


Welcome to Dizzy Rascals Soft Play Centre Laurencekirk, We’re here to offer your children a fantastic time with so much to do and enjoy that they won’t know where to start!

Physical Play

Explore the huge adventure play area – designed by experts and divided into specialist ability zones with play products individually selected to enhance and develop children’s motor and cognitive skills while just having fun.

With games and activities to join in, plenty of obstacles to overcome and explore and the obligatory slides and ball pits, this area will keep even the most boisterous of youngsters enthralled and entertained. Also a great social development area as children learn to play and interact together.

For the toddlers we have a special area separate to the  main play frame where the little ones can learn and play in safety. Here they have a soft play area with mini ball pit and a small adventure play area

An hour or two of soft play at Dizzy Rascals is probably the most fun your children can have while getting a really good “cardiovascular” workout. Okay, they’ll think of it as more like fun than exercise, but the effect is still the same – it raises the heart-rate, exercises the lungs and is good for their bodies. These days, with the media full of stories of childhood obesity, a regular Dizzy Rascals soft play “workout” is the best (and certainly the most fun) way to stay fit.

Family Play

Parents can feel secure knowing that their children are happy, safe and enjoying themselves.

Families benefit from healthier, happier children and the relaxed fun filled environment at Dizzy Rascals encourages parents to have a go and get involved in what their children are doing.

But sometimes it’s just a coffee and a sit down that’s needed while the kids go and make new friends and gain their independence.

The Team Behind Dizzy Rascals Play Centre

Huw and Lynn along with their two boys, opened Dizzy Rascals in Laurencekirk in 2004. We believe it’s really great service, a clean fresh environment, and intelligently designed play areas that make our play centre head and shoulders above anywhere else. 

From children’s play and birthday parties to our café we’ve spent ages sourcing amazing play equipment and designing play areas that tick all the boxes for both children and their parents. Everything we do is high quality but very affordable. We really do look at everything from what sort of food you’d like from our cafe, to what your children want for a birthday party. “We believe if it’s good enough for our children then it will be good enough for yours.” 

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